Barbie Ash Gray

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Color Results:

The color results will vary based on your natural eye color, skin tone, hair color, lighting, eye make-up, your camera, etc.  Xoxo Beautique is not responsible for eye color results. If you do not have brown eyes, most lenses will not make much of a difference on your eyes and finding a color that suites you will be more challenging. For all natural eye colors, your eye color undertones and shading will make the lens color results specific to you. (Kind of like a fingerprint) The photos are meant to show you in general how the lens will look on brown eyes and not necessarily on your brown eyes because of the various factors outlined in this section.

Our Pictures:

Xoxo Beautique only uses pictures of models wearing the lenses from our store. Xoxo Beautique reserves the intellectual proprietary rights to these images.

About Shipping:

Xoxo Beautique inspects your lens before they are shipped to ensure the following:

-that your lens are present in the sterile solution package.

-that the lens are freely submerged in the solution and not stuck to the packaging.

-that the lens are not stuck folded to itself.

-that the pigment/color of each lens is fully present and correct.

-that the lens are in one piece and without tears or any visible defect.

Once the above standards are met, your lens will be packaged and sent your way.

Your Shipping costs are auto-calculated through USPS/Shopify at checkout based on your location. We use USPS to ship all of our orders (closed on Sundays & Nationally observed Holidays).

U.S only: Standard Domestic shipping usually takes around 3-5 business days.

International (Non-U.S.) only: Standard International shipping takes up to 15 business days based on your location.

Domestic and International can both choose faster shipping at checkout.

When your package leaves our facility, you will be provided a tracking number sent to the email address you provide at check out. Your package will be mailed to the shipping address you provide at check out. Once your package leaves our facility, it adopts the shipping policy of the carrier (USPS) and Xoxo Beautique is no longer responsible for your package.  By completing your purchase, you agree to these terms (also outlined in our shipping policy)

What your purchase includes:

One pair of colored contact lenses.

One complimentary storage case kit. 

Lens Information:

Cosmetic use only.

DIA: 14.2 mm

BC: 8.6 mm

38% water content